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Financial Review & Planning

Developing a sound financial strategy for the future is predicated on the degree of insight you can bring to bear on your present financial state. CPA Services, a Kurcias Jaffe Company, gives you the power to chart a sound financial course based on decades of accounting expertise.

Tax Compliance

From brief tax compliance overviews to full tax planning and reporting, our partners provide the tax planning services you need. Managing your personal taxes doesn’t have to be a challenge; let our tax preparation specialists make compliance simple and straightforward. Even factors such as real estate transactions, marital status changes and self-employment income that can complicate your return are familiar territory to expert accountants who are certified to practice in New York, New Jersey, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Professional tax preparation services also ensure that you receive all of your expected deductions. Protect your wealth by engaging the services of certified accountants whose familiarity with current tax law assures you of the most advantageous return.

Available tax services include:

  • Individual income tax preparation, review and reporting
  • Gift tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Representation and tax examination services
  • Tax planning

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