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Payroll and Maintenance Bookkeeping

Most of any organization’s accounting needs happen not from occasional events but from everyday occurrences. A business may buy another company or be sold only once or twice in its history, but payroll happens every week or two. Maintaining the general ledger, handling payroll and reconciling bank statements are part of the routines so essential to tracking financial records. Turning these vital processes over to a CPA firm instead of handling them in-house ensures accuracy and quality for all of your important financial records.

By entrusting these tasks to experienced CPAs, you remove concerns about payroll tax payments and employee concerns about pay and benefits. Choose the level of service you prefer and customize your maintenance bookkeeping solutions to your needs by letting CPA Services offer you the following:

  • Maintaining the general ledger and its subsidiaries
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Complete payroll management, including direct deposit set-up and maintenance
  • Payroll tax compliance

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