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Litigation Support

Legal representation is essential to anyone facing litigation or filing charges, but in many cases, a CPA can also provide important litigation support. Litigation depends on proof of value lost so the courts can determine recompense; an accountant can assess that value accurately and affect the course of the case dramatically.

To provide litigation support, a CPA must have experience with forensic accounting. A background in law can also be valuable; a thorough understanding of the legal background of the case is helpful when determining the most salient points of the investigation. CPAs may also work closely with a client’s legal team to establish a more complete financial picture. In this capacity, they may serve as consultants for the court as opposed to offering expert witness testimony.

Litigation support services are far more necessary than many may think. Family law, disputed estate distribution, child support assessment and malfeasance cases could also benefit from the input of a trained CPA. A lawyer should be your first call, but a CPA firm should be your next when facing litigation or considering a suit.

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