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Insurance Needs Analysis and Implementation

When planning for the future, having sufficient insurance helps secure that future. Having a life insurance policy commensurate with your family’s income ensures that necessary expenses will be covered. While life insurance assessment calculators can provide a rough estimate of your family’s insurance needs, a qualified CPA who interviews you personally will build a much clearer picture of your coverage needs and any insurance gaps your current plan may have.

Many families could benefit from insurance analysis, but for some, it is essential.

Some factors that could increase your need for insurance include:

  • Family members with special needs
  • One or more children who plan to attend college
  • A spouse who has rarely worked outside the home
  • Self-employment

Insurance planning and needs analysis can also help with present-day hopes and dreams. Insurance policies are also assets, and your CPA can help you use those assets to enhance your life today. An accountant can offer advice about when and how to borrow against a policy or whether it makes sense to reduce the total policy amount.

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