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Gift, Estate, Charity and Trust Planning

Nowhere is personal wealth more meaningful than when it involves estate and trust planning. Today’s wealth becomes the next generation’s college fund or financial security. The accounting professionals at CPA Services are experienced at managing the transfer of wealth through gifts, estate planning and trusts. Questions about succession in the family business, distribution of assets in a will and charitable donations have their solution in expert financial planning through a CPA.

Estate planning does not only mean what happens to wealth after the one who earned it has passed it to a new generation. It also means integrating that plan into today’s needs and making the most of financial assets for life. By managing financial gifts to loved ones and charitable giving to not-for-profit organizations, a CPA can help protect and preserve wealth.

CPA Services offers estate holders highly specific and individualized attention. Every portfolio is different, and so are the needs of the clients who build them. Choose CPA Services to administer a trust, create a private foundation or plan an estate transfer in ways that you find meaningful.

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