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Forensic Accounting

The term forensics has become inextricably linked to the medical field, but accountants also fill an essential need during litigation procedures. When accountants become investigators to track errors and uncover malfeasance, they are performing forensic accounting. Forensics, the use of analysis to investigate crimes, can be vital to your company’s fiscal health.

From fraud detection to attestation services declaring no malfeasance, forensic accounting services can answer crucial questions about financial discrepancies. If your organization cannot reconcile its records and must find answers, investigative accounting services could provide the solution.


Some services that forensic accounting provides include:

  • Detection of fraud
  • Discovery assistance
  • Estimation and calculation of damages
  • Expert testimony in court or during arbitration
  • Claims analysis

You may never need CPA Services’ forensic accounting experience, but if you do, choosing a firm with a strong background in investigative work can make the difference during litigation.

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