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Audit, Review and Compilation Services

The best indicator of an organization’s financial health are its records. Accurate financial statements play a vital role in securing credit, preparing for the company’s sale or laying the groundwork for a successful merger. CPA Services offers three levels of financial evaluation to suit your company’s individual needs.

Auditing Financial Statements

A complete audit provides the highest degree of assurance for an organization. During an audit, CPAs assess financial records, verify their accuracy and offer an assurance that the records follow generally accepted accounting principles. Audit services are recommended before making any major financial move such as a sale or purchase of another company.

Reviewing Financial Statements

A full review of financial statements includes an analysis of the records and a statement that they have not been materially misrepresented. A financial review from a CPA firm is often sufficient to secure a loan or obtain a grant.

Compilation of Financial Statements

If your business has recently undergone changes to its structure or personnel, compilation services to put records in order and prepare them for future review is a wise choice. A compilation ensures clerical accuracy and ease of access.

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