At CPA Services, a Kurcias Jaffe Company, we keep a single aim in mind:

providing our clientele with the expertise and sterling service of the 'Big Four' accounting firms without the accompanying cost. From general daily bookkeeping and payroll services to tax preparation, forensic accounting, audits and financial statements, and budget projections, CPA Services is your solution. With CPAs licensed in New York, New Jersey, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands, you will receive knowledgeable support for every step of your corporate or personal financial planning.

CPA Services provides small and mid-market business owners and high net worth individuals with expert financial tax, audit, accounting and consulting solutions. Our services go a step farther to offer you personal attention and consistent communication.

Your financial picture is dynamic both personally and professionally. As your business or your family grows, your individual economic outlook can change dramatically. Our comprehensive CPA services keep you moving toward your financial goals while reassessing the paths you take to reach them.